4 Signs You Need a New Hot Water Heater

The water heater is an essential item that every homeowner needs. This unit provides heating elements that heat up your water so that it is easy to wash clothes, take a shower, and complete other tasks that require water. However, the hot water heater can and will sustain wear and tear and damage along the way. Sometimes you can repair the unit; sometimes it is time to replace. Take a look at the four signs that you need hot water heater installation stanhope nj and make the call when the need warrants.

1.    Age: How old is your water heater? There are maximum lifetimes in place for these units. This varies from the type of water heater that is in the home, the maintenance you’ve endured, etc. If the unit is 15+ years old, it is safe to say that you can benefit from an upgrade.

2.    Rusty Water: When water comes out of the faucets with rust, it is a sign that rust is accumulating inside the unit. This can cause many problems that you don’t want to experience. But, the solution is easy when you replace the unit with an updated model.

3.    Strange Noises: A hot water heater should not make any type of loud, strange, or unusual noises and if it does, the time to call a professional for a repair has come. Noises indicate trouble brewing on the inside. Take care of things while you still can.

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4.    Leaks: A leaking unit is a problem that many people endure. If you are one of those people, go ahead and make the call to a professional to schedule a new heater installation after you’ve selected the new product.

Pay attention to the four signs here and replace the hot water heater if it is time.