3 Features Of Specialist Parking Lot Sealing

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To get straight to the point, the three features or highlights of this specialist trade are pavement sealing, crack filling and edging work. Specialists handling the parking lot sealing burlington vt business state that any future treatment of asphalt will be considered provided that it is at least one year old. Crack filling work goes beyond the commercial parking lot and straight to residential neighborhood driveways.

The abovementioned technicians also state that edging work is advisable during those years when pavement or driveway sealing is not being done. Commercial grade coal is applied as a tar sealer to asphalt. This is designed to protect asphalt from direct sunlight, water, petroleum stains and all other organic stains. After a worn driveway or parking lot is resealed, the applied protective coating allows it to look as new.

It has an attractive jet black look to it. Crack filling work can also restore a winter worn driveway. This work does not take long to do. A hot rubber crack filler is used in this process. Cracks are sealed on the asphalt surface. This helps to prevent storm and waste water from penetrating crevices and eroding the foundations below the asphalt surface. Pavement edging is recommended by the specialists.

Edging is pretty much the same as edging your lawn and garden pathways. All weeds are cleared and prevented from taking root below the asphalt surface. Allowing it to do so would inevitably damage driveway, pavement and parking lot surfaces. It is amazing what something so brittle can do to damage seemingly hard surfaces. But never you mind that. Specialist parking lot sealing work prevents any future damage to your hard surfaces.

And the icing on the cake is that once the sealing work is completed, all surfaces look brand new.